L&T India Prudence Fund


  • The fund’s mandated asset allocation is to invest a minimum of 65%-75% of its net assets in equity and equity-related securities.
  • Fund Manager : Mr. S. N. Lahiri (for equity and equity related instruments) and Mr. Shriram Ramanathan (for debt and money market instruments)
  • Benchmark : 70% S&P BSE 200 Index & 30% CRISIL Short Term Bond Fund Index.
  • Month End AUM : 3314.67crs.
  • Exit Load : 1% if redeemed within 1 year, NIL after 1 year.

Current Product Positioning

  • In terms of equity exposure, the fund has a well diversified portfolio invested across large, mid and small cap stocks.
  • The fund has highest exposure of 12.30% and 7.34% to Banks & Construction Project respectively.
  • As for debt component, the fund is predominantly invested in medium dated sovereign papers given the expected easing of interest rates over the short-medium term.
  • The corporate bond exposure of the fund is largely invested in relatively liquid high credit quality AAA rated instruments.

  • current product positioning

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    portfolio information


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