3 simple ways to invest in mutual funds through MutualFundWala

Investing in mutual funds is an excellent option as the returns as well as tax benefits are much higher as compared to the other traditional products like PPF, PF, NSC, LIC ULIP’s etc.

Mutualfundwala will guide you at every step and will try to ensure a hassle free experience. Mutualfundwala will design your mutual fund investments in a way that will enable you to earn decent returns and create wealth meeting one or more of your financial objective.

  1. Investing through SIP- One of the best ways to invest in mutual funds is through SIP (Systematic Investment Plan). With the help of SIP, you can very easily invest fixed amount periodically (monthly/quarterly) for a long period of time. It helps you to invest a fixed amount on a prescribed date. Investors can synchronise their investments with their monthly cash inflows. They can also start small and gradually increase as incomes increase.

    Every month SIP amount is automatically deducted from the account. Also called ECS or electronic clearing system. This helps reduce wasteful expenditure You can also have multiple kinds of SIP’s with different schemes as per your need and risk appetite. Mutual FundWala is the mutual fund advisor that shall assist you grow your money through SIP.

  1. Invest in Various Categories of Mutual funds- Different kind of funds perform differently over a period of time. From large cap to small cap funds you will get various returns and certainly risks will be different. You can get decent returns by investing in different categories of funds. From diversified funds to sector specific (banking, power etc) to Micro cap funds, feel free to call your own mutual fund advisor, Mutualfundwala.
  1. Invest in Mutual Funds as per your ability and risk appetite-  Investors, at times get swayed with the market conditions and make a major mistake by investing in the mutual funds when the markets are over heated. This may lead to financial loss. And severe erosion in a corpus that was to serve a financial objective. For eg pension sting.  It is always sensible not to get swayed by looking at the past returns and invest only ers may invest a lump sum amount in Aggressive equity funds. This goes against the basic principles of investing.  It is always sensible not to get swayed by looking at the past returns and invest only after factoring in risk factors. Similarly, an investor who is in between jobs should not venture into risky waters, and look at cash and career stabilization before investing.