Portfolio Health Check by MutualFundWala

Retail investors are not proactive investors and as a result, they do not track their investments on a regular basis. Normally, retail investors invest and then forget about it. As a result, a part of the portfolio becomes underperforming and become a drag on the entire portfolio. Shortage of time and lack of recent performance reports are the two important reasons. Periodical tracking is as important as investing itself.

MutualFundWala will do a complete health check of your investment portfolio at zero cost.

Mutualfundwala will analyze your portfolio on the following two parameters:

  • Risk Profiling: The risk appetite of every investor is different. A 70-year old pensioner’s risk appetite maybe zero whereas a 30-year working professional is likely to have a very high-risk appetite. To achieve the financial goals of the investors, a logical and systematic approach to risk management is extremely important. Mutualfundwala will check and recommend suitable changes to either lower risk and /or do away with risky assets altogether. In some cases, bringing in high dosage of risk with risk mitigation tools like SIP and STP is an intelligent approach.
  • Asset allocation:Systematic asset allocation is one of the key features of successful investment strategy. For example, an investor in aggressive equity funds should not be needing money in the next few months or even 2 or 3 years.Equity is ideal for 7 years or more of time horizon.Debt is an ideal option in case money is needed in a few months or even next year. It is extremely important to allocate assets between balanced funds, debt, and equity. In September of 2017, when Sensex is touching 32000 we are recommending debt and STP. A one-shot investment in equity funds is a big no at this point in time.
  • MutualFundWala will suggest and recommends changes based on a detailed health check of your portfolio. To structure an ideal portfolio, we will consider the following variables.

    • Age
    • House ownership (self owned/rented/co provided)
    • Double income family or not
    • No of dependents
    • Age of dependents
    • Investment in pension products/health and Life insurance
    • Other variables like rental income etc
    • Current macro and microeconomic condition.

    To maximize the risk-adjusted return, this free professional advice can be availed by mailing their E-case statements on email. Please feel free to contact us or log into our website www.mutualfundwala.com