Invest in SIP with Professional Mutual Fund Advisor

In order to help investors with professional management of investments, and achieve their financial goals, we provide a myriad of fund families for the SIP. We thoroughly understand dreams and aspirations of modern day individuals like owning a dream house, going out for a perfect holiday destination, retirement planning, planning for Child’s Higher Education etc. We work towards transforming these dreams into reality. We create the customized mutual fund portfolio as per requirements and risk appetite of our clients.

Brief of Systematic Investment Plans (SIP)

SIP or the Systematic Investment Plan is basically a method through which the money can be invested into mutual funds in a simplified and automated manner. It is an investment mode that enables investors to invest smaller amounts at periodical intervals like monthly or quarterly. This is a lot better than investing lump-sum. As this provides a cushion during falling markets and provides rupee cost averaging. One can easily make the investment weekly, monthly, quarterly as per the convenience of an individual.

How SIP Works

SIP is an affordable and convenient way to invest and is a flexible and fairly easy process. A small amount of money available every month can be invested through SIP. The money will be automatically debited from the bank account (also called ECS or Electronic clearing system) and will be invested the particular mutual fund scheme chosen by the individual. Units will be allotted as per current NAV.

Since the markets fluctuate, additional units of the scheme will be purchased at different market rates. Buying more when the markets are down and buying less when the markets are up. This concept is called Rupee Cost Averaging. And it is this averaging added with long-term compounding that enables investors to create a huge amount of corpus in the long run.

Advantages of SIP (Systematic Investment Plans)

1. Discipline your savings

  • SIP enables investors in a disciplined manner.
  • An investor can start small and invest according to his/her cash flows.
  • A good solution for investors with low financial discipline.

2. Meet one or more of Your Financial Goals

  • Investors can invest to meet one or more financial goals. Like, buying a house, or for Child’s Higher Education.

3. Flexibility

  • An investor can start or stop a sip anytime
  • Investors can also increase or decrease a sip anytime
  • Provides a lot of flexibility for redemption and switching from nonperforming schemes to performing ones.

4. Long-term advantages of investing

  • It delivers great returns with the advantage of rupee cost averaging and power of compounding.
  • All returns on equity Mutual Funds are tax-free after 1 year
  • ELSS (eligible U/S-80CC of IT Act) provides tax savings while investing and provide tax-free returns.

5. Key Advantages of starting a sip with Mutual fund advisor

  • A Mutual fund advisor will help you take a well-informed decision.
  • A prudent financial advisor will provide you all the mechanics of tracking your fund, redeeming and churning your funds.
  • The Advisor helps you synchronize your investments with long-term goals.
  • All decisions to stop, redeem, start, increase, decrease, debt or equity can be taken with the help of an expert.

How MutualFundWala does help?

We at MutualFundWala help our clients to invest money in a systematic manner. We will continuously monitor your returns and take corrective actions to change/redeem non-performing schemes and reinvest in better and performing funds. We will enable investors to beat inflation, compound wealth, meet financial goals and achieve financial stability


Hence, with the help of MutualFundWala, you are able to become rich by investing in Mutual Funds in a much easier way. Moreover, you can gain the advantage of investment. Unlike the other mutual fund advisors, MutualFundWala is a great partner for investing your money.