How to Start SIP Investment

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment tool that allows you to invest a fixed amount regularly in mutual funds.

We at Mutualfundwala give you the process to start a SIP in 4 simple steps :

1. KYC (Know Your Customer) Compliant:

To invest in Mutualfunds needs to be KYC compliant. To find out your KYC status follow the link If you are not KYC complaint then you need to complete the KYC formalities. You only need to fill the KYC form and submit it along with self-attested copies of address proof (aadhar card is better), PAN (Permanent Account Number) copy, and 1 passport size photograph that needs to be affixed on the KYC form.. You can also get this done online through Ekyc (Electronic KYC) This is Aadhar cased KYC. KYC compliance is a onetime exercise. You can get the Aadhar based KYC done here .

2. Choose a fund or a basket of funds to invest:

Always keep in mind - SIP is not a product, it is a tool to invest in mutual funds. Identify the right fund or funds to invest in. Keep in mind a few things before selecting a fund. Fund’s past performance, Fund manager, Fund house, expense ratios etc.

3. Decide the investment amount and the payment date:

Decide how much amount you wish to invest. In case of a basket of funds chose the amount to be invested in each fund. You may invest monthly or quarterly. This is your choice and should ideally be based on the availability of cash flows. Finally choose the date of ECS (electronic clearing) or a date when the amount will be debited from your bank account.

4. Fill the form or start investing:

Fill the form or forms of the AMC’s (respective funds) where you wish to invest. Sign the forms at the appropriate places, attach the cheques and you are good to go. Make sure you regularly monitor your investments. Get in touch with Mutualfundwala for any query.