Consult Mutual Fund Advisor: How To Invest and Where To Invest?

If you are looking out for financial security, then investing in mutual funds is an ideal option. As we are already aware that Mutual Funds are professionally managed funds that are highly regulated and well-diversified pool or stocks &fixed income securities. However, we may not know how to start investing and if we really need a mutual fund advisor? Other relevant questions may be come across in your mind like if online mutual fund investment provide better control and monitoring? Here we answer some of these basic questions

Take Assistance of a Mutual Fund Advisor: Statistics prove that a good financial advisor will not only help you reach your financial goals but also help you mitigate risk when equity markets are in an overbought zone. However, it is extremely important to look for an advisor who has a good track record of creating wealth for his clients. Has strong IT orientation and is not swayed by distributor commissions. Let us examine what all a mutual fund advisor can do for you;

  • To start investing you will need your KYC (Know your client). This is where the financial advisor will do all the paperwork and make you KYC complaint.
  • You need to know your financial goals and risk appetite. This is the most relevant part of any financial planning process. A good Mutual Fund advisor will access your risk appetite and make a list of your important financial goals. This can be your child’s higher education or your retirement planning.

How to invest and where to invest in Mutual Funds: Recommending investment in products that best suit you and gives a high risk-adjusted post-tax return is the task of a mutual fund advisor. Moreover, fund advisor also gives investors a brief about top ranked mutual funds.The advisor will recommend you a lump sum or best systematic investment plans based on your cash inflows, availability of capital and market scenario.

  • Lastly, you need to be given a monitoring tool by the financial advisor. For, e.g.MutualFundWala provides a “portfolio viewer” to monitor returns and look at nonperforming funds.MutualFundWala also provides a mobile app for both Android and IOS. Monitoring, churning and rebalancing is also extremely relevant for decent ROI.