Choose Best Tax Saving Mutual Funds Schemes with MutualFundWala

As we all know tax saving is essential not only because it helps save taxes but also help us generate a higher post-tax return.  it would be all the better if we invest in the best tax saving mutual funds scheme.

There is a lot of misconception about various tax saving products. Investors have to figure out which of the various tax saving products i.e., PF, PPF, LIC, NSC or ELSS is better. We believe, if you are to generate a higher return and also have the flexibility of investments then nothing beats a good ELSS fund.
MutualFundWala, recommends the following Tax saving Mutual Funds.

  1. Reliance Tax Saver Fund- One of the best ELSS fund’s is Reliance Tax Saver Fund. It was launched in the year 2005 and currently has a NAV of Rs.42 ( as on 19/06/2016). This is an aggressive equity mutual fund and an investor can get better risk-adjusted returns by taking the SIP route.

  1. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund- Another great tax saving solution is through the scheme by Birla Sun life. It has outperformed all its benchmarks. The best thing about this mutual funds scheme is that it is capable of sailing even though the low markets. The scheme has proved advantageous to the healthcare, technology, automobile as well as energy sectors. The larger sized companies have got the greater amount of benefits through the scheme. Growth scheme was launched in  March 2008 and currently has a NAV of Rs 22

  1. Axis Long Term Equity Fund-  This can easily be called as the flagship fund of Axis AMC. It has given impressive returns and also outperformed during bad times. Was launched in dec 2009 and currently just under Rs.30. Impressive performance indeed.
  2. Franklin India tax shield- This is the most consistent ELSS fund form the Franklin Templeton AMC. The numbers show its performance. It was launched in the year 1999 at Rs. 10. And current NAV is Rs.421. Over 40 times multiplication in 17 years. You can consider this fund for long-term capital appreciation as well.

Pls take a look at the 4 recommended top tax saving (ELSS) funds

Scheme (Returns as on May 31, 2018) Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) (G) Franklin India Tax Shield (G) Birla SL Tax Relief 96 (G) Axis Long Term Equity Fund (G)
3 Months -9.3% 3.8% 1.9% 7.3%
6 Months -12.3% 4.3% 3.1% 9.7%
1 Year - 11.1% 18.3% 21.6%
2 Years 13.8% 14.1% 19.6% 19.1%
3 Years 6.4% 9.7% 13.5% 12.4%
5 Years 19.9% 19.0% 22.3% 23.4%