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Risk in Debt Funds

Investors often ask if debt funds are totally-totally safe. Well in one word the answer is “No”. However, by that logic even your FD isn’t safe.

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Stock Markets post Elections 2019

In the year 2018, we had written a blog on "Union Budget 2018 and Stock Markets".  We are pleased to convey that most of our predictions in the said blog have come true.

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All stock market and mutual fund investors are keen to know how the budget will impact their investments. After the lows of 1st and bloodbath on 2nd of Feb, 24 hours from the


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Is Trading More Profitable than Mutual Fund Investing?

Trading (in equities) is totally tangent to mutual fund investing. Equity trading is highly speculative and traders take benefit of both rising and falling markets to enter and leave positions over a shorter time span. 

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4 Misconceptions about Mutual Funds

Paper assets or Financial assets have a lot of myths associated with it. Likewise, Mutual fund investments are plagued with a lot of misconceptions.

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