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What Are Credit risk Funds

Credit risk defined: Credit risk is the Risk of defaults on the interest or principal (or both) on the bonds/securities held by the fund.

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How To Identify A Good Advisor

Mutual fund advisors are Licenced (valid certification from the National Institute of Securities Market (NISM)) professionals who are supposed to understand the nuances of investments. 

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Direct Plan vs Regular Plans

What is the difference between a direct plan and regular plan in case of mutual fund investment? Which is better, especially if I am investing via SIP?

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Are Debt Funds Risk Free

No, Debt Mutual Funds are not 100% safe. But then nothing is. your money in the bank is also not 100% safe

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How will 2019 Elections Impact the Stock Market

The primary drivers of stock markets are earnings growth. And earnings growth (EPS) is directly corelated to GDP growth.

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