Online Mutual Fund Investments

Unlike developed financial markets like the US, India and Indian citizens have very little idea about mutual fund investments. As on date Mutual fund penetration in India is under 5%, where as it is over 55% in western economies like the US. It is also established that mostly retail investors are the ones who are in senior managerial position and are savvy and well versed with concept of equity and debt markets.

A vast section of The Indian investing middle class has little or no idea of either what is mutual fund? Or what are the various investment needs of middle class families, let alone the various mutual fund products.  We at MutualFundWala, one of the stake holders of the mutual fund industry, are trying to decimate information about basics of mutual funds through our online portal and other social media tools.  Prospective investors may connect with us to get information on mutual funds and various mutual fund related investment options. We at MutualFundWala, your own mutual fund investment advisor, are providing all relevant information regarding how to invest in mutual funds and what are the top recommended funds.

We can assist investors all over to invest in mutual funds, we can do it online or through conventional paper form. We can assist you in completing your KYC formalities and help you get started. Just call us at 9891237575 or at 9990237575or mail us at