Tax saving Mutual funds

Tax planning is one of the most important priorities for individual tax payers. It is a daunting task to save tax, but with the help of tax saving scheme, you can not only save your taxes but even grow your wealth. In order, to find the best schemes it is essential to understand about the various tax saving funds, commonly known as ELSS or equity Linked saving schemes;

What is tax saving fund?

The tax saving mutual funds is closed ended Mutual Fund where the money is locked in for 3 years .Individuals and HUF are allowed to invest up toRs 1.5 lakh under Section 80 C of the Indian Income Tax Act. Returns from these investments are all tax free.

ELSS (Equity Linked Savings Scheme) has several advantages as compared to other products eligible under section 80C;

  • The lock in period is very low as compared to other products viz PF, PPF, NSC or ULPIS
  • Returns are far better as compared to other products
  • There is no compulsion of investing every year like in PPF and ULIP’s
  • Redemption is a simple process as compared to mammoth task in case of PPF and ULIP’s
  • Investor can invest monthly in ELSS and get benefits of rupee cost averaging.

How can Mutual Fund Wala help in saving tax?

At MutualFundWala, we help in selecting the best ELSS, tax saving mutual funds for you that will foster long-term profits. You will not only be able to beat inflation but may earn an ROI of over 15% CAGR

Comparison of Top Tax Saving Funds