Portfolio Health Check by MutualFundWala

A lot of investing community is not tracking investments on a regular basis. As a result, a section of the invested funds start to underperforms and become a drag on the entire portfolio. Most of the investing class do not have the time or expertise to churn the portfolio to maximise returns and/or minimise risk. This inaction may cause severe losses and/or underperformance.

We at Mutualfundwala have observed that investors invest and forget about the very important element in any investing i.e., Periodical Tracking. Now consider this, an underperformance by 2% every year for a period of 20 years may lead to an opportunity loss of 100%. i.e. something that is X could be 2X.

Mutualfundwala has started a new service wherein we shall do a health check of your investment portfolio. Without any cost or commitment of business from your end.

Following are 3 important parameters based on which we shall analyse your portfolio.

  • Risk Profiling: Every investor will have his or her risk-taking appetite. For eg. Risk appetite of a young 30-year-old girl is very different from a 70-year-old retired pensioner. A systematic and logical approach to risk management alone can achieve the financial goals of the Investors. Proactive risk management enables us in taking advantage of opportunities and generate better returns.
  • Asset allocation: One of the key feature of a successful investment strategy is systematic asset allocation. For eg, if the money is needed in the next 12 months then it should not be in aggressive equity. Equity may be best suited only for investments over 7 years. When the markets are high, like in April 2017, then you should take the SIP and STP route. Allocating assets between, debt equity balanced funds is extremely important. So is changing the mix, based on need, and macro and micro economic fundamentals.
  • In nutshell, MutualFundwala will do a detailed health check of your investments and also recommend changes and suggest an ideal portfolio. We consider the following variables while designing an ideal portfolio or changing your current portfolio.
    • Age
    • House ownership (self owned/rented/co provided)
    • Double income family or not
    • No of dependents
    • Age of dependents
    • Investment in pension products/health and Life insurance
    • Other variables like rental income etc

    Investors all over can mails their portfolio and avail this free professional advice to maximise risk adjusted return.