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Why Choose MutualFundWala

You may invest in Mutual funds though a plethora of distributors and Financial Planners, but rare are the ones who advocate a product purely on its risk and returns potential. Invariably distribution gets swayed by "extra" commissions and "extra incentive". However investing though MutualFund advisor like MutualFundwala is altogether different. Our primary focus remains the "investor" and investors financial goals and risk appetite. Prospective Investors contact us with a vague idea of investments. We start from scratch. After carefully assessing risk, we define financial goals of an individual/family. Then we structure investments to meet financial goals. We have several testimonials where investors started off by investing a few thousand every month and today have portfolios running in multiple of lacs.

As Mutual Fund advisor we have mastered wealth creation though systematic investment route. Besides professional and ethical advice, we provided investors with a unique login ID and password for online portfolio viewing to aid regular monitoring of portfolio. This feature comes free along with "ZERO" service charges. Our Relationship Managers (every client is assigned a specific RM) are just a phone call away.

Investors can use MutualFundWala mobile app (available at google play store) to track investments and portfolio returns. In this app you can track your current investments and its returns. So invest in Mutual Funds and track every rupee of your investments at Zero cost. We have recently started online buying and selling of mutual funds. This is done through NSE (National Stock exchange) India. After initial registration, everything shall be online and paperless. Besides, other features like online portfolio viewer and a RM stays. In nutshell we are a Mutual fund advisor that helps you invest in Mutual Funds online and offline. For more information, feel free to contact us.

What is mutual fund

What is Mutual Fund ?

Mutualfunds are very popular in the western world but in India lot of people wonder what are Mutual Funds?? Are Mutual Funds sort of investments?? Are Mutual Funds risky??

Types of Mutual Fund

Types of Mutual Fund

An open-ended fund is a fund that is available for subscription and can be redeemed on a continuous basis. It is available for subscription throughout the year and investors can buy and sell units at prevailing NAV.

Comparison between SIP, PF and NSC

Comparison between SIP, PF and NSC

Retail investors are often confused between various names and various financial products. NSC, PF, PPF, FD etc all seem similar to them.

Why Invest in Mutual Funds

Every individual wants to save money and grow wealth, However, no one wants too much of risk but they also look at and maximising returns. If lowering risk and maximising returns is the criterion then mutual funds seems the logical way forward. Mutual fund is a professionally managed investment mechanism. Investments are managed by professional fund managers, supported by well qualified and experienced research team. A fund manager not only takes well informed decisions but also exercise aggressive decisions on entry and exit from a particular security or Industry. A retail investor can only pick a few stocks but a good fund can invest in excess of 100 stocks. And bring the number down as the market conditions change. A retail investor cannot have a low risk portfolio of balanced funds yet beat inflation but a good balanced fund has been doing this for several years.

Mutual Funds are highly regulated. Expense ratio, AMC fees, distribution commission is well defined and pro investors. Presence of a proactive regulator (Securities and exchange board of India) gives additional security to retail investors. This is unfortunately missing in some other asset classes such as real estate. SEBI ensures Mutual Funds provide full transparency, NAV's are declared on daily basis. This provides immense transparency and it is this transparency that is a prominent feature of any Mutual Fund.

Moreover, a retail investor can do so much more with a mutual fund investments. Systematic investment plans (SIP), systematic transfer plan (STP), Switch out from a debt fund to equity and vice versa, Systematic withdrawal plan (SWP), tax saving Mutual funds (ELSS) to save tax under sec 80 C. Mutual Funds is the way forward to meet one or more of your financial goals.

Invest in Mutual Funds Online

MutualFundWala as an advisor and distributor has tied up with NSE to use the infrastructure of National Stock Exchange for facilitating mutual fund transactions for their clients. You may invest in Mutual funds with a lot of ease. In order to facilitate this NSE has developed an online platform NMF II.This is an online platform which facilitates subscription, redemption, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP), Systematic Transfer Plan (STP), Switch and other transactions of mutual fund units. The paperwork for this is required just once. Thereafter everything becomes paperless.

1. Currently following types of Financial transactions are covered


  • New Mutual Funds
  • Additional Mutual Funds
  • NFO


  • Full Units
  • Partial units/amounts


  • Full Units
  • Partial Units/amounts


  • Systematic Investment Plan
  • Systematic Transfer Plan

2. Clients can update following Non Financial information

  • Change in Name
  • Change in Address
  • Change in Pan
  • Nominee Registration
  • Tax status change
  • Change in Broker
  • Change in Dividend Payout Option
  • Change in Redemption Payout Option
  • Consolidation of Folios

Now invest in Mutual Funds from the comforts of your home or office.For any other information please feel free to call MutualFundwala advisor at 9891237575 or 9990237575 or contact us.


Good experience and very good services

- Vinod Kumar

Great Service, experienced and honest financial advisers.

- Sandeep Rastogi

Best place to invest your money and its very easy to understand and staff is also giving very good service to customers.

- Mohit Jha